Anki Overdrive Review: A Perfect Upgrade

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Anki Drive gets an upgrade in the Anki Overdrive, the second generation game system of Anki’s track-based racing toy that can be controlled using an iPhone or an Android phone.

How Much?

Get your Anki Overdrive Starter Pack for only $150.00. This kit already contains two robotic cars (GroundShock and Skull), 10 track pieces (4 straight and 6 curved), 2 risers, a charger, and a tire cleaning kit. If you are interested to take it up a notch (or two), expansion sets are also available.

Who Would Buy The Anki Overdrive

It is highly likely that those who bought the Anki Drive would want to also own the Overdrive. After all, it is basically an upgraded version. Those who are new to these toy cars will also definitely be interested to own them, especially toy car collectors. Anki has devised a new way to play with toy cars, one that is not limited only to little boys. Even adults will get a kick out of controlling these cars using their smartphone or other similar devices.

anki overdrive review images 2015

Things We Like About The Anki Overdrive

Let’s get one thing clear: we were already huge fans of the Anki Drive. That we are getting its second generation is definitely exciting and welcome news.

Anki Overdrive has the basics of what we loved about its predecessor in the first place. It is very responsive – even more responsive than your usual remote-controlled toy cars.

But we also loved the upgrades. Instead of a roll-out track, we get a modular track system that can be built by connecting pieces of different shapes magnetically. With the shapes you have, you can pretty much play around with the track and come up with many varying track designs. If you have the starter kit, you can easily come up with 8 designs of the track. Just imagine how many more design possibilities you could come up with when you have the expansion sets or pieces.

The game play also becomes more challenging, since there are now different game modes that you can play with. Right now, there are 4 game modes available: Battle, Race, Time Trial, and King of the Hill.

Things We Did Not Like About The Anki Overdrive

To be honest, from what we have seen so far, there is nothing to dislike about the Anki Overdrive.


Judging from the quality of the Drive, it is expected that the Anki Overdrive will also be of excellent quality, so you do not have to worry too much on that front.

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Is The Anki Overdrive Worth The Money?

For its price, it is definitely worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Where Can I Buy The Anki Overdrive?

There are so many places where you can order your own Anki Overdrive Starter Pack. But if you want to get the most value for your money, we suggest that you head on over to Amazon, one of the authorized retailers for this product. They also offer this product with Free Shipping, so that is definitely to your advantage. Check back here for your best prices with holiday season coming up.

Final Thoughts For The Anki Overdrive

Who knew that a robotic car racing game could turn out to be an immersive experience? Anki Overdrive is definitely going to make that happen!