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‘The Boys’ Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy Takes Front with 3.7 Here Comes A Candle Non-Spoiler Review

After Herogasm, The Boys 3.7 episode Here Comes A Candle to Light You To Bed promises plenty of Solider Boy Butcher action.

‘The Boy’s 3.06 Herogasm Came With a Big Bang for all

Herogasm came for "The Boys" 3.06 episode and FangasmSPN has got her deep dive on this one as there was so much to discuss.

‘The Boys’ 3.06 Herogasm Explodes All Over Your Screen No-Spoiler Review

The Boys 3.06 Herogasm if finally coming to Amazon Prime, and our FangasmSPN really got into it as she breaks down her non-spoilery review.

‘Walker’s’ A Matter of Miles Amps Up The Family Feud Plus Plenty of Anger

Walker2,19 A Matter of Miles really brings out the family feud for Jared Padalecki with plenty of anger.

‘The Boy’s Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies 3.05 Deep Dive

The Boys 3.05 delved deep into Soldier Boy aka Jensen Ackles back story along with Paul Reiser as a Stan Lee type. FangasmSPN gives her deep dive on this episode.

‘The Boys’ 3.05 Amps Into High Gear; Early Non-Spoiler Review

After Jensen Ackles rear broke Amazon Prime, The Boys 3.05 is back in high gear as FangasmSPN reviews. The Last time to look on this world of lies.

‘Walker’ 2.18 Gets Plenty Of Action with Search and Rescue Plus Keegan Allen heats up

Walker Search and Rescue brought in plenty of action while Keegan Allen's story heats up again for FangasmSPN.

‘The Boys’ 304 Premiers Solider Boy bringing back the Ackles Ass Equation

The Boys 304 introduced Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy with quite the splash and FangasmSPN goes into deep detail on the Glorious Five Year Plan episode.

Triangles and Tough Decisions in ‘Walker’ Torn 217

Jared Padalecki's Walker 217 Torn amps up the stakes emotionally and otherwise as FangasmSPN breaks it down.

Get Ready for More Soldier Boy! ‘The Boys’ 304 Glorious Five Year Plan Review

Jensen Ackles makes a full premiere showing on The Boys 304 Glorious Five Year Plan and FangasmSPN has plenty to say about his offerings.

‘The Boys’ Season 3 Packs A Punch With Plenty of Heart Plus Jensen Ackles!

The Boys Season 3 is finally here and our FangasmSPN breakds down how hard a punch it packs while also serving up plenty of laughs and heart.

Jensen Ackles Soldiering On With ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Jensen Ackles joins The Boys Season 3 as Soldier Boy and our FangasmSPN had a quick word with him before her much longer one.

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