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Donald Trump’s Facts: Pipebombs, tax cuts and that caravan

Fact checking Donald Trump's claims on a pipebomb liberal conspiracy, those tax cuts, pre-existing conditions and his scary caravan.

The Scar brings Winchester Duo Power back to ‘Supernatural’

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) finally returns after his Michael vacation and Supernatural feels like Supernatural again for our @FangasmSPN with the Winchester brothers back together again.

Andrea Drepaul talks ‘Supernatural’ Melanie taking on Jensen Ackle’s Michael

Andrea Drepaul got a memorable scene with Jensen Ackles as Michael in Supernatural's Gods and Monsters. Our @FangasmSPN gets into the details on Andrea's Jensen time.

Richard Speight Jr. breaks out his ‘Supernatural’ Gods and Monsters and Dean’s back

Richard Speight Jr returns to direct Supernatural's Gods and Monsters and Dean Winchester has come back from his Michael time. Lynn breaks it all down this week.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just VOTE dammit

2018 will go down in history as the Vote as if your life depends on it with good reason. Our country is divided, Donald Trump has worn people out, but as our Vinnie Chaffee notes, it's not about who you vote for but just getting off your butt and doing it. This is the time it really matters.

VPNs For Safe Entertainment

Virtual Private Networks or VPN's have grown in popularly for being able to have your privacy online, but it also works great for your entertainment needs. Companies like Sling TV which are geoblocked outside of the U.S. are now available to watch through VPN's. Here's how.

Whole food versions of decadent popular Halloween candy treats

Love Halloween but not the guilt that goes with all those sinfully decadent treats? Well, here's a way to partake in all the candy fun without all the pain of working it off.

Healthy whole food cookie ideas for Halloween and beyond

You can still enjoy Halloween cookies and treats while sticking to your whole food diet so have some decadent fun with these very healthy recipes.

Julian Assange nearly became a Russian diplomat and worst houseguest ever

Julian Assange has clearly overstayed his welcome at the Ecuadorean embassy in London for bad cat care skills, but attempts to get him to Russia as a diplomat fell through.

Learn More About Online Slot Machines Odds and Payouts

Those online slot gaming sites can get confusing so here's a breakdown to better understands odds, par sheets and random number generators.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s ‘instinct for science’ climate change argument

Donald Trump feels he has the answer for everything, and on Tuesday he claimed that because of his Uncle Joe being a scientist, he has a natural instinct for science. We fact check some of his claims on the environment.

‘Supernatural’ 1401 Stranger In A Strange Land was better than expected

It was hard to tell from the CW promos what the Season 14 premiere of Supernatural would be like, but Jensen Ackles pulled off his Michael!Dean and Jared Padalecki knocked some major emotions out of the park.

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