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Top Celebrity Deaths of 2016

We’ve lost quite a lot of good people over the years but the industry has sustained substantial losses this 2016. Let’s face it, people age and many of the good people we know will bite the dust sooner or later.

Just what does Amazon Echo listen to and store?

When Amazon first premiered their Echo, people were amazed at how it could do so many things and make your life easier, but they didn't think any further than that.

Will Donald Trump refute latest Russian malware on Vermont electric company?

We already know that even when he's given proof of Russia's hacking into our country, Donald Trump has some major blinders on. It reminds one of that troubled sibling or lover we always give excuses for no matter what they do.

Vladimir Putin waiting for Donald Trump to undo sanctions in 2017

Even though many Republicans and Americans feel that Barack Obama placing harsh sanctions on Vladimir Putin and Russia is the right move, Donald Trump still holds firm in his praising of the Russian dictator.

MMA Weekly: Cain Velasquez pulled, Cris Cyborg fails and Ronda Rousey loss

MMA Weekly: Cris Cyborg Fails USADA Drug Test, Cain Velasquez Off UFC 207, Carlos Diego Ferreira suspended and more MMA fight lineups.

Why Ronda Rousey lost to Amanda Nunes

Ronda Rousey was missing something when she walked into the Octagon to face UFC Bantamweight Champ Amanda Nunes. The former champ wasn’t without her patented Death Stare.

NFL Winners and Losers Week 16: Antonio Brown Fantasy Football’s best friend

How does it feel to know the NFL season is about to come to a close for most teams? The feeling for many fans has to be relief. I’m looking at you Panthers fans. Jets fans as well. Your guys fell pretty far from 2015.

Bill Cosby legal quagmire only getting worse in 2017

With all the craziness of 2016, many have forgotten about Bill Cosby and all the women who accused him of drugging and then raping them. Well, the legal system hasn't forgotten Mr. Cosby, and things are only looking worse for the comedy actor.

World celebrates New Years 2017 hoping an end to chaotic 2016

Even though many are expecting a New Year 2017 to be just as chaotic, if not more than 2016, countries around the world are choosing how to celebrate New Year's Eve. Some are focusing on the recent celebrity deaths

Zsa Zsa Gabor goes out in style she was accustomed to

Zsa Zsa Gabor's death may have been overshadowed by George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds deaths, but the first star famous for being famous went out in the style she had grown accustomed to most of her life.

Carrie Fisher will be buried with mother Debbie Reynolds

It's no surprise to learn that Carrie Fisher will be buried with her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds after they died within one day of each other.

Biggest Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Facts & Fictions

The Future of Money: Top 10 Misconceptions About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

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