MLB’s 25 Most Improved Players Prospects for 2016 Momentum

#14. A.J. Pollock, Arizona Diamondbacks

2015 WAR: 7.4
2014 WAR: 3.9
WAR Improvement: 3.5

A.J. Pollock’s WAR improvement is a bit misleading, but not because he was playing at an unsustainably high level.

Given his legitimately earned Gold Glove, his work on the basepaths, his incredible eye at the plate and the pop he packs into his 6-foot-1 frame, the centerfielder is fully capable of replicating his work in 2015. Don’t be surprised when he shows up on more MVP ballots during the 2016 season while solidifying himself as a burgeoning superstar.

It’s only misleading because Pollock didn’t really improve.

That 3.9 WAR in 2014 came during the course of an injury-riddled season in which he suited up for only 75 games — the bare minimum for inclusion here. Prorate that to the 157 contests he played in during his true breakout season, and you’d get 8.2 WAR.

If anything, Pollock actually regressed and still submitted one of the best seasons in the National League. The best may be yet to come.