WALKING DEAD’s Father Gabriel Tries Godlike Speed For DUI Arrest

father gabriel set gilliam arrested on walking dead drugs 2015

father gabriel set gilliam arrested on walking dead drugs 2015

Wow preacher man slow down! The Walking Dead star Seth Gilliam who plays Father Gabriel Stokes was arrested on Sunday morning after police caught him driving 107 mph in a 55 mph zone. Gilliam also took the police on a 4 minute high speed chase down the highway before they were able to cuff him. Unfortunately for him, the entire event was captured on video which you can see below.

The actor clearly messed up when he went flying past the police officers at 2 a.m. In the morning. After the 4 minute chase and the cops finally catch up to him, he’s told to put his hands where the cops can see them and to back up to them. Gilliam followed directions completely handcuffed right away. The cops then said he was being arrested for reckless driving.

walking dead seth gilliam arrested 2015

Oddly however, the video cuts off after Gilliam is handcuffed. I’m not saying anything suspicious went on here, but It would be less strange if you saw the entire tape. The police don’t have the best track record when pulling over black men in the middle of the night after all. Cops claim (although there’s no video obviously to prove it) that they also found a joint in Gilliam car. The actor did confess to drinking three beers and a shot prior to driving. He was eventually charged with DI, marijuana possession, reckless driving and speeding.

I still think it’s strange that the actual arrest video was not released.

The AMC show is currently filming its sixth season in Senoia, Georgia. He was pulled over just 30 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta. AMC and Gilliam did not answer request for comments so far.

The Peachtree City PD told TMZ, “It’s part of the criminal investigation and anything related to evidence that could prosecute him won’t be given out until the investigation is over.”

Yeah, OK.

celebrity drug arrest seth gilliam walking dead

This has not been a great week for the cast of The Walking Dead. Last week, fellow cast member Chad. L. Coleman went on a rant after being called a n— on a train! While Chad seemed to be having a very bad day (which we all have at sometime), Gilliam did something unbelievably stupid! Considering how black men are being treated in America it is just dumb to put yourself in a situation where he could have easily been beaten or worse killed.

Not to mention, you’re on a top rated show! No one likes bad publicity for their show so if he doesn’t watch it, he could be consumed by a pack of zombies way ahead of schedule.

The Walking Dead Seth Gilliam Arrested For 107 MPH Speed DUI