Unsend It Saves You From Those Embarrassing Premature E-mail Sends

unsent it prevents premature email sends 2015 woman images

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We’ve all done it, misinterpreted an e-mail from someone and responded back before taking that requisite ten seconds to breathe and read what we’ve written. Even worse, is when you read the original e-mail again after firing off a blistering response and realizing that the tone was much different than you thought.

What do you do then? Most of us have just hoped that the e-mail would get lost in a spam filter, but the biggest wish is that we could just make it disappear even if they already opened it. Google Chrome may have given us an extra ten to fifteen seconds to retract an e-mail, but most often, we need more time.

unsent it prevents premature email sends 2015 woman images

Thankfully, unSend.it is here to grant us this wish, and not just for ten to fifteen seconds, but much much longer. You can even make an e-mail disappear after it’s been opened. Now, that’s a great one, and then you can just keep telling the person that you have no idea what they’re talking about, and then ask them to forward this strange e-mail to you. They can’t because you’ve destroyed it. Who doesn’t love that?

The destroying the e-mail isn’t as James Bond sounding as all that since the e-mail actually doesn’t disappear, but all the content within it, plus any attachments are erased with no trace whatsoever. I could have used this so many times, especially those moments when you were trying to get that certain someone back in a moment of weakness. Now they can’t throw those embarrassing words back in your face!

The nice part of unSend.it, is that you can use your regular email, so there’s no worry of losing it for this amazing and much needed by everyone service. Once you sign up, you’re given a very easy step-by-step instruction guide on how to configure your existing e-mail address with their custom SMTP server. Yes, I know when you see words like SMTP, your eyes glaze over, but trust me, this is so easy…and just think back to all those times when you wish you had something like this. How many friends or bosses did you have to scrape down to apologizing profusely from premature e-mail syndrome?

Another great feature is that one we all wish we had and can be the most annoying thing with e-mail. The dreaded, “Oh, I never got that e-mail” or “It must have gotten stuck in the spam filter.” Unsend It has a feature the will quickly embarrass those people when you let them know exactly when they did open your e-mail. That’s right, you can also track when the recipient opens your e-mail or be notified when they do.

If you have a few typos that you realize are in that sent e-mail, you can make those changes even after it’s been sent. Basically, Unsend It turns your e-mail into a google style document where you’re still able to make edits, unsend, or even detach that embarrassing picture of you in a delicate situation you accidentally attached. This can be done anytime, even after it’s been opened by the recipient.

Lastly, it has end-to-end encryption, so it’s an extremely secure e-mail technology in this hackable world we live in now. It works with Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, AppleMail and other major email clients.

So, for all of you who’ve suffered from premature e-mail syndrome, unSend.it is for you. So get signing up!

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