Tyson Beckford Makes You Want To Live In His CHOCOLATE CITY

tyson beckford eating money with girls on chocolate city 2015

tyson beckford chocolate city movie images 2015

When I saw the trailer was released for Tyson Beckford‘s Chocolate City I was hyperventilating before I even pressed the play button! I was just so elated that the trailer had finally come out. The trailer does not disappoint and the only way to experience it is to watch it for yourself!

tyson beckford eating money with girls on chocolate city 2015Chocolate City follows a struggling college student who’s having a hard time making ends meet. When he meets the owner of a male strip club, he decides to give amateur night a go and finds that stripping is the answer to paying all his bills.

hot black man leathered for chocolate city 2015

To call this movie the black Magic Mike is a big insult. There’s no reason why it can’t be seen as its own movie. Magic Mike was a big let down for me for two reason. Magic Mike came across as a very boring, lackluster film about the world of male stripping. The stripping scenes were short and stretched out in between corny, half-hearted love story. The writing was no where near engaging either. The second reason Magic Mike missed the mark was because of its total lack of diversity. The one man of color ( a Hispanic and Cuban dancer) in the film has a severely limited role. The stripper world is just as diverse as any other profession so why where there no black or Hispanic men with main roles in Magic Mike?

hot black man stripper on chocolate city 2015

There is no talk as of yet about which cities will be showing Chocolate City. There are already rumors floating around the web that some theaters refuse to show Chocolate City because they’ve “invested” too much in Magic Mike.

Oh really?

chocolate city tyson beckford movie 2015

This smells a little bit like discriminating to me. Since when did theaters have more loyalty to one film than another? Chocolate City will be released on May 22, 2015 while Magic Mike will be released on July 1, 2015. So, maybe the studios also don’t want Chocolate City to steal their thunder.

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The film’s release comes at a great time when producers, film studios and TV studios are finally starting to realize that black audiences are a huge part of the entertainment market. We want to see ourselves represented too!

tyson beckford tatoo shirless for chocolate city movie 2015

The film that’s sure to have at least a few scorching hot scenes in it stars Rober Ri’chard as the struggling young college student ready to dive in to the world of stripping. Michael Jai White plays the highly successful club owner and long time model/actor Tyson Beckford plays the club’s star attraction that’s starting to fade due to the new kid in town. The film is written and directed by Jean-Claude LaMarre.

black man with girls legs wide for chocolate city 2015

It will be interested to see who comes out on top.

Pun totally intended.

Tyson Beckford has been promoting his movie like crazy, and he popped into the LA Chippendales to give the ladies a hypnotic snake charmer dance in the video just below:

Synopsis: Welcome to Chocolate City, where the music is hot, the mood is magical, and the exotic male dancers are simply delicious. Women go wild as these toned, talented men make fantasies come true… and the arrival of a young, new exotic dancer (Robert Ri’chard) has the spot sizzling like never before. At home, he is Michael, an inner city college student struggling to help his mother (Vivica A. Fox) make ends meet. However, when his part-time job doesn’t pay the bills, Michael begins to find success at a nightclub dancing as “Sexy Chocolate.” As the money starts rolling in, Michael must deal with the unexpected pressure of being the female clubgoers’ favorite flavor while hiding his new “job” from his mother and girlfriend. Co-starring Tyson Beckford and Michael Jai White, Chocolate City is a steamy, fun ride that has all the right moves.

Chocolate City Movie Trailer