‘Training Day’s’ Lindsey McKeon Evolves through Adversity

'Training Day's' Lindsey McKeon Evolves through Adversity 2017 images

'Training Day's' Lindsey McKeon Evolves through Adversity 2017 images

Back in September, we interviewed Lindsey McKeon about her time on “Supernatural,” and at the end, she mentioned her inspirational site which does exactly that. I personally loved her message of overcoming adversity, which is something we all can relate to and have had to deal with many times in our lives.

The fact that she was willing to share her own stories of struggling and what she did to overcome it was something we wanted to share with our readers. Her new site Evolve launches today, and she’s guest starring tonight on the new CBS television show “Training Day,” so she’s a very busy lady. Getting to work with Bill Paxton also makes her a lucky lady.

She was kind enough to write an article about overcoming adversity that many will be able to easily relate to. This is also the beginning of our news site having celebrities write opinion pieces on subjects they are passionate about. They’ll be about anything and everything including health/fitness, sports, inside looks at the movie/tv business and of course, politics.

We appreciate Lindsey being the first celebrity to start our journey with.

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No matter who you are, or where in the world you are, there is always adversity to be faced.  Ever since the beginning of time, there has been something to fight against.

For some, the realization comes that to live on earth there will always be a fight.  Whether it is reflected in night and day, light vs darkness, black vs white, good vs evil, there is a constant yin/yang at odds.

The gift comes in realizing that we need opposing forces.  It is these polar opposites that highlight our differences.  They are a mirror, reflecting ourselves.

Adversity forces us to have something to push against which in turn propels us forward.  Enabling us to grow.  Until we all understand and master the game, there will always be a need for duality.

Question is, do you want to be a player of the game, or do you want to wake up from the game?  Do you want to go up and down with the roller coaster ride of life or do you want to stand in observance, aware of the forces but unfazed by the storm?

Neither choice is good or bad, right or wrong.  It’s just a choice. That is the beauty of being alive; we have choices.  You can love ‘em, hate ‘em, that’s up to you.  It’s your choice how you see and experience your world.  Always.

The struggle is in how you view the circumstances.  It is how you see them, what you do about them and how you feel about them, that dictates your life.  You can stop struggling at any time.

Just like Dorothy at the end of “The Wizard Of Oz,” you’ve always had the power, you just have to learn it for yourself.

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What Evolve Means To Me:

Evolve is somewhere to gather advice about health & wellness, diet, lifestyle, and relationships. A community where you can share your journey, what has worked for you, and what you’re struggling with so we can all help one another grow and heal. This is a place where I will candidly share my knowledge about alternative healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

My own journey began at 5 years old when doctors thought it best to take extreme, invasive, measures in order to fix my problems with continually being sick. My parents discovered there was another, non-invasive, way and began to overhaul my diet and lifestyle. I started eating macrobiotic and using natural, ancient remedies to heal sickness. From there on, my life changed and unfolded to become what it is now. Over the years, my history and background have led me to try numerous types of alternative medicines, practices, and spirituality. I love to find the root cause of problems, and in finding the cause I believe we have the power to be cured. Mind-body awareness is one of the most powerful tools we can have. I find there is no one thing, no end all be all, as I am evolving and changing so too is my diet and body health curriculum.

The reason I decided to revamp my blog and get a fresh start is simple. EVOLUTION. I am constantly evolving as a human being, and I want my work to reflect that. Which is why I decided to brand my blog as Evolve. I am constantly changing and learning from the world and people around me every day. I need a place to share my views on the world, with the world. I am truly passionate about learning from sharing with others and gaining knowledge from people who have experienced different things than I have. Through acting, people get a very limited experience of me, and I crave more. I was terrified to share more of myself, and it was easier for so long to sit safely and quietly protected in my own bubble or behind a character than to actually come out into a world that could easily reject me. Which is why I knew I had to do it. The reward will be worth the risk, and I am truly excited to go on this journey with all of you.

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My Own Personal Struggle

My own challenge and fight is so often internal rather than external.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my own outward struggles, so many of them with women.  All through high school, and even as an adult with numerous overbearing women in my life.  I’ve had to  find the courage time and time again to stand up to the adversaries in my own life.
The key I’ve found is in not allowing them to faze you.  That removes them of any power they hold over you.  This is where true freedom comes from.  Your power resides inside.  A power that is so strong anyone can do or say anything, and you remain unfazed, steadfast in the strength of your own being.  This is my game of choice.  And I play all the time.