Top 10 Most Inspiring Celebrities

ben affleck most inspirational celebrities 2015 images

2015 most inspirational celebrities images

Some celebrities inspire us through their words and actions. They are in the position of power and many celebrities use this power to inspire their fans throughout the world. Here are the top 10 most inspiring celebrities. We have not put them in a specific order as when it comes to inspiring, inspiration comes in many different way, no one better than the other.

oprah winfrey most inspirational celebrities 2015

It is safe to say that not many celebrities have been as inspirational to a lifetime of fans as Oprah Winfrey has. From her humble beginnings as a local news broadcaster she rose through the ranks to eventually own her own production company. The money she has earned throughout her career made it possible for her to open a girl’s school in a third world country so that children who had no access to education could be taught the lessons school children throughout the rest of the world take for granted.

angelina jolie most inspirational celebrities 2015

Aside from having countless fans jealous of the life she leads, Angelina Jolie has made a huge impact in this world as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR. Together with husband Brad Pitt, Jolie has raised awareness of world issues that were previously given little attention.

ricky martin most inspirational celebrities 2015

More than just a Latin heartthrob, Ricky Martin has inspired fans all over the world through his self -named foundation that works to stop the practice of child trafficking. He also inspired many of his fans by coming out as gay and never shying away from the fact. Ricky Martin made it cool for other gay men to come out to their loved ones.

george clooney most inspirational celebrities 2015 images

Though he is one of Hollywood’s leading men, George Clooney cares about his fellow man and shows it by living life as a humanitarian. In 2010 Clooney inspired many people by organizing a telethon called Hope for Haiti. He recruited fellow celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and even Madonna. Manning the phones during the telethon were celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio. At the end of the telethon $61 million had been raised, thanks to the hard work of George Clooney and so many others of Hollywood’s most elite celebrities. To date, no telethon held to aid in disaster relief has raised more money than Hope for Haiti did.

kate winslet most inspirational celebrities 2015 images

Kate Winslet won the hearts and the respect of female fans all over the world for her unwavering support of women being happy with the body they were given and taking pride in that body. In 2003, GQ published photos of Kate Winslet that had been altered to make her look thinner than she really was at the time. Winslet loudly protested this move by the magazine and that she didn’t want anyone thinking of her as a hypocrite. She even said she had no intention of ever being as thin as GQ made her look in her pictures.

ben affleck most inspirational celebrities 2015 images

Ben Affleck has also inspired people throughout the world by launching the Eastern Congo Initiative. Through this organization programs all over the country support victims of rape. The initiative was also started to restore the country to the state it was in before warfare destroyed much of it. Affleck said that he was inspired to start this initiative because he had met many people through his travels that he wanted to reach out to and help.

sandra bullock most inspirational celebrities 2015 images

Though Sandra Bullock has weathered a nasty divorce and survived much abuse from the press, she is still one of the emotionally strongest women in Hollywood today. Bullock has inspired people by keeping calm in the face of adversity and keeping her personal life as private as possible. Unlike many other celebrities, when Bullock adopted her son from another country, she did so quietly and did not use her status as a celebrity to speed up or publicize the adoption process.

michael j fox most inspirational celebrities 2015

Michael J. Fox made the nation fall in love with him by starring in Family Ties and the Back to the Future Trilogy. However, he became an inspiration to so many when he revealed to the world that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1998. Later that same year he went to speak to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee about Parkinson’s disease and made it a point not to take his medication before appearing in front of them as he wanted them to see the effect that this disease can have on an individual. In 2007 he made the Time magazine list of top 100 people in the world that have made a difference. The magazine recognized the work he has done for Parkinson’s.

bono most inspirational celebrities 2015

In 2006, legendary rock star Bono was given the title of Knight. Bono’s inspirational journey began in 1979 when he realized how beneficial Amnesty International is to those all over the world. Since then he has organized events such as concerts for Live 8, a fundraiser for those less fortunate. He has also embarked on a campaign to relieve third world countries of their debts. He now serves as the Product Red spokesman. Profits earned by Product Red are used to fight the AIDS virus in every country in the world, as well as to fight both malaria and tuberculosis. For his efforts he is a three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

christina applegate most inspirational celebrities 2015

Women all over the country have been inspired by Christina Applegate’s efforts to raise more awareness for breast cancer. She was raising awareness of the disease long before she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. After receiving a double mastectomy, a cancer free Applegate went on to found the Right Action for Women, an organization that helps women get screened for breast cancer and makes them more aware of the pitfalls any woman with a high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer faces. The cause is near and dear to her heart as Applegate’s mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

These 10 celebrities have done their part to inspire people all over the world, whether they are fans or not. Each celebrity on this list has made a big difference in one way or another.

If you have a celebrity who inspires you and isn’t included in our list, let us know in the comments as to who and how they’ve touched your life.