Top 10 Issues UFC Faces As It Keeps Growing

ufc issues to fix 2015

ufc issues to fix 2015

The UFC is where Dana White wants it to be, everywhere. Live events, online streaming, and they are a major network in Fox. With the Ultimate Fighting Championship doing well and available on a broader basis, what will come next? These are the ten biggest issues facing the UFC as it keeps on growing.

war machine jon koppenhaver problems for ufc 2015

  1. Out of the ring incidents like the recent one with ‘War Machine’, Jon Koppenhaver, will have to be dealt with as they pop up. Violent people occupy this violent sport, just like football.

ultimate fighter show on ufc

  1. Keeping ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show relevant. Reality TV shows tend to fade out over time. They will have to give viewers real reasons to hang around season after season.
  1. Keeping corruption out of the sport. When gambling is involved there will always be slimy judges. The UFC, just like boxing, will always have the possibility of terrible decisions due to some people on the take.
  1. Engaging young kids is the key to the UFC’s, or any sport’s future. Ignore the little ones and who is left to watch in 25 years?
  1. Making pay per views more available. Paying $60 for a High Def pay per view is no joke. It is nothing if you split it up between friends, but many people have to shell out that money solo. Maybe giving restaurants and bars more incentive to carry the ppvs is part of the answer.

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  1. Fighter compensation has been very secretive by Dana White’s mandate. These star fighters will eventually want a bigger piece of the pie as the UFC generates more dollars.
  1. Steroid use is a problem in every sport. Guys see a chance for an advantage so they are going to try and get away with it.
  1. Concussions are a huge issue in the NFL now with the recent settlement for former players. Clearly, getting knocked out is not good for the brain. Lawyers are licking their lips all over the country to get a shot at the UFC eventually.
  1. Overexposure. Being everywhere all the time is great for the hardcore MMA fan. But casual viewers may have a hard time keeping up with all the action. There are only so many hours in the day.

ufc issues in 2015

  1. Fighters coming together as a union. This may be a longshot with such an individualistic sport. But it would mean gigantic changes to the UFC.