Top 10 Best Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

super bowl fan mario lopez streaking underwear bulge nfl 2016 images

top 10 Best Super Bowl Prop BetsWhy do we bet on stupid Super Bowl prop bets like the coin flip or the length of the halftime show?

Uh….to win money SON!

What better way to increase your bankroll than to win some cash on account of the singer messing up the words to the national anthem?

Sure you could bet the over under, currently at 45.5, or take Carolina giving up six points to Denver. But those bets are no safer than the proposition bets available online or with your local bookie. Both illegal of course, but we’re talking the real world here. Not some fantasy land where politicians pretend daily fantasy sports could destroy the United States with an easy way to gamble.

There are many prop bets that I would take over betting on the actual game. If you think you’re smart enough to win with a point spread involved, go for it. Just know these odds-makers eat, sleep, and drink football. They don’t just come up with these numbers at random. If the final score in the Super Bowl isn’t right at six points, I’d be very surprised.

Now that I’ve made you doubt your ability to win a bet on the actual game on SuperSunday, what prop bets would I advise you all to make? Glad you asked.

Here’s ten prop bets that seem like easy pickings.

brandon mcmanus sucking off kickers super bowl 50

10. Kickers suck. I don’t care what kind of streak they have going. They are always subject to needing a Heimlich maneuver in a big game. If Denver’s Brandon McManus missed an extra point in the biggest game of his life, you can win 25 times your bet. This is a no-brainer and worth a few bucks with those odds.

peyton manning hgh fine 2016

9. Odds are at 5/1 that Peyton is fined by the NFL at any point for the alleged HGH use. I have no idea when this bet would ever pay….does it end when Peyton is retired? No matter the closing date on this bet I have no doubt Manning will come out of this so-called scandal clean as a whistle. You would have to bet $100 to win just $20 if you believe Manning won’t be fined. Or you could go out on a limb and win five times your wager by betting on yet another sports hero being “dirty.”

cam newton super bowl superman rip shirt 2016

8. Don’t bet on the coin toss. You can do that with a buddy for $20 right in your living room. Take an interesting bet like the over under on Cam Newton‘s Superman shirt rip. Over 2.5 is even money so take the under. Cam won’t run that little skit into the ground but once more. Hopefully, he has something more original planned for the biggest stage of his life.

phil simms dab super bowl 50

7. You get even money on the words “dab” or “dabbing” being said more than twice by the announcers. This is sure money. Bet the house on the over. I bet Phil Simms says it three times before the producers get in his ear to make him stop before he confuses the corporate sponsors further.

cam newton super bowl 50 mvp

6. MVP of the Super Bowl is an easy one. Even if Denver wins the game, Peyton isn’t likely to be the hero. If Carolina wins, Cam is the obvious choice. And since Carolina is the clear favorite, Cam is a safe bet. Manning is a long shot at 4/1, so it’s worth a Hail Mary if you’re feeling lucky.

super bowl fan mario lopez streaking underwear bulge nfl 2016 images

5. 40/1 odds for a fan streaking onto the field. I’ll take that bet. We’ve seen it before of course. This is the biggest stage on the planet, and there are freaks willing to get arrested for a few minutes of infamy.

nantz simms super bowl 50

4. O/U on the number of times the phrase “greatest of all-time” is uttered during the broadcast: 3.5. Talking heads love to be a part of great games. So much so that they tend to make the game greater than what it is in reality. So look for Nantz and Simms to go way over with the “greatest of all-time” talk. Peyton will certainly be mentioned as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time at least twice, and Carolina could be put in the conversation of greatest teams of all time if they destroy Denver. Mix in a couple plays that the commentators over hype and you should cash out easily on this prop bet.

superbowl 50 budweiser commercial

3. First commercial we see after the coin toss? Got to be a Bud or Bud Light one right. How else could the King of Beers fit their plethora of ads in if they don’t start the night out with the initial spot? Pays 3/1 if I’m right.

peyton manning interception 2016

2. Will Peyton Manning throw an interception? Well, the “Sheriff” may be one of the all-time greats, but he was also terrific at throwing picks in 2015.  Manning threw 17 interceptions to just seven touchdowns in the regular season, by far the worst ratio in the League. He will be facing one of the best defenses in the NFL during the Super Bowl so even if you have to bet $220 to win $100, this is a good bet to make. Denver will have to throw the ball to keep pace with the Panthers, so they can’t hide behind their run game. Easy money on this one.

peyton manning retires 2016 nfl

1. No way Peyton Manning announces his retirement in the post game interview. The odds are 2/1 against that happening. So you can bet $100 to win $50 in what is a super safe bet. I feel certain Manning will think over his plans for next season at least a couple weeks. This guy isn’t know for making rash decisions and his retirement will require some time away from the game to decide.