Top 10 Best Summer Movies

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It’s summertime and there’s no better way to beat the heat than to stay in doors and watch a great summer movie! These are summer movies packed with first loves, fun summer times. and wild adventures that leave you yearning for those wild summer days.

stand by me top summer movies 2015Stand by Me: This classic film is based off of the story The Body by Stephen King and follows four 12 year-old boys who are looking for a missing little boy. Once they learn of the general location of the boys body, they go out into the woods looking for it. During their journey they learn a lot about each other, themselves, and what it means to be true friends. It really does take you back to those summer days past with friends, hopefully without the whole dead body thing though.

500 days of summer best movies 2015(500) Days of Summer: It’s a sweet and funny romance film that makes us all think of those complicated summer loves we’ve all had at least once in our lives. A young man falls for a woman who doesn’t believe in true love. Sure, it sucks at first, but maybe he can convince her otherwise? It’s a pretty meaningless movie, but it does give you a little sense of nostalgia about that one summer your stomach was filled with butterflies.

summer of sam best movies 2015 imagessummer of sam best movies 2015 imagesSummer of Sam: A much darker depiction of summer, Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam will remind anyone who grew up in the city during the 1970’s how hot and sticky the nights were, and how dangerous the streets were. This very adult film throws you into the summer of 1977 during the Son of Sam killing spree. Deviating from the usual Spike Lee film, the movie takes place in the South Bronx in an Italian American neighborhood. The movie perfectly captures the tension and violence of a summer in the city during the 70’s. Everyone’s looking at each other side ways as the potential killer. Not the prettiest portrait, but at least it’s honest.

caddy shack best summer movies 2015 imagesCaddy Shack: This summer film is a straight up classic. The film follows a new member of an exclusive golf course, as he battles it out with the other stuffy old members of the club.This movie has many classic laughs, but lets be honest, all we ever really remember is that hilarious dancing gopher!

independence day best summer movies ever 2015Independence Day: Do you remember that summer we all battled aliens to save the human race? Yeah, me either. But this movie had one of the biggest box office openings of all time, and it is impossible for it not to be seen as the ultimate summer action flick. Before the summers were ruled by superheroes, we had aliens. It’s got amazing action sequences, CGI that stills holds up today and the best cliche one liners. This movie will always be the reigning summer movie.

friday the 13th best summer movies 2015 imagesFriday the 13th: This film might take you back to those hot days at summer camp. Hopefully, you were anxious to make new friends and not the possibility of being murdered! Through all the slashing, it’s hard not to connect with the scenic shacks by the lake, the raging teenage hormones and the horrible fashion sense. It might even remind you of that summer you took your woman/man on a date to this classic horror film.

dirty dancing best summer movies 2015Dirty Dancing: I’m not much for romance movies, but this classic romance film is hard to ignore. The ultimate summer romance movie, Dirty Dancing follows “baby” as she unwillingly spends the summer at a holiday camp with her family..that is until she meets a sexy dance instructor named Johnny Castle. “Baby” finds her dancing legs and a new older lover as she experiences a summer she will never forget. This move is still considered a classic to many romance fans for it’s catchy soundtrack, Patrick Swayze’s sexy dancing skills, and it’s dead on emotional portrayal of that first summer love.

vicky cristina barcelona best summer movies 2015Vicky Cristina Barcelona: If you’ve had the pleasure of traveling abroad during your summer vacations, than this film is definitely for you! Two best friends are on summer vacation in Spain. The scenery in this film is absolutely breath taking and you feel the rich summer vacation spot pouring out of it! The best friends become enamored with a local painter and try to share his affectations. The only problem is, his ex-wife who he has an on-again-off-again relationship with is about to re-enter the picture. A complicated summer romance, as well as great scenery makes this film a great summer movie.

grease best summer movies 2015Grease: Technically this film takes place during the school year, but the couple in this classic teen movie met in the summer. Somehow, this film also feels like it takes place during the entire summer because who ever had this much fun in high school.? The songs are ones that can be sung out loud at the top of your lungs all summer long, so this is why this classic musical had to make the list.

national lampoons vacation best summer movies 2015National Lampoon’s Vacation:  This is a classic summer tale for a reason. There’s no real plot line to it except a family’s trip out to a theme park, which proves much more difficult than expected. The film is a bit dated and even tame by today’s standard, but it’s still full of plenty of laughs. I don’t know about you, but it always puts me in mind of those uncomfortable and long road trips to the theme park with the family! This is the original one, not that sad remake that just came out this summer. Rent this instead of wasting your money in a theater.