Top 10 Best Movies of 2015

top 10 best movies of 2015 images movie tv tech geeks

top 10 best movies of 2015 images movie tv tech geeksIf you are a movie lover like I am, you make your way to the cinema as often as you can. From how they make us laugh, to how they make us cry and how they inspire us in our daily lives, movies are a huge part of our culture.

We saw some great ones thus far and with only a few days left in 2015 some of the most promising are still yet to come. So based on what we have already been able to set our eyes on, here are ten of the best movies of the year. They’re not in any particular order.

anti halloween dope movie 2015 imagesDope

Dope… was dope. It really was a good movie as it explores the inner workings of “the hood” in California and how every kid that grows up on the rough side of the street isn’t a thug. There’s great music, the beautiful Zoe Kravitz and a message from which all Americans can glean some understanding.

matt damon martian trailer lands well 2015The Martian

This movie was great, and I dare to say almost perfect. It has the plot, the imagery, the human interest, the heartfelt quest, the laughs and the big climax. I was at the edge of my seat watching the film, and the cast were stellar.

tina feys sisters a great holiday distraction movie review 2015 imagesSisters

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together are movie magic. The way they play off of each other makes Sisters an end of the year hit that will have you rolling the entire movie. It’s girl power at it’s best both on screen and behind the scenes.

Jurassic World

A much-anticipated film, Jurassic World lived up to the hype. It boasts everything you would want to see in a movie as beloved as the 1992 prequel and so much more. Chris Pratt is a dream in his role, and Bryce Dallas Howard has a character arch that many people can relate too.


People really sleep on Melissa McCarthy and they shouldn’t because this chick is hilarious you hear me. Spy was surprisingly good. I mean, very good. She is on her A-Game comedy wise, Jude Law is beautiful, Rose Byrne is spot on in her part and everything comes together for one fun, quirky comedy that definitely earned its place on this list.


A riveting story about one of the darkest moment in this country’s history, Selma is not only a black cinema masterpiece, but it also holds its own amongst the likes of traditional mainstream movies based on true events. Ava DuVernay directed it so beautifully, and all the actors, big names, and no names did an amazing job.

Mad Max

The thing I love about this film is that it’s high energy from start to finish. From the moment we see Tom Hardy’s action sequences, you know it’s going to be good and good it is. My blood was pumping the entire time. It also has some meaningful messages woven throughout the narrative about the ugly truths that exist in any civilization.

Gary Greys STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON Trailer Packs Its PunchStraight Outta Compton

I was impressed with the film. Aside from the omissions and the portrayals of some of the characters (Dr. Dre), Straight Outta Compton worked because of the actors and the way they made the story come to life. The music also played a major part because it connected with audiences and nostalgia ensued.

star wars the force awakens imax featurette shows plenty of inside action 2015 imagesStar Wars The Force Awakens

I almost feel like I have to include this movie because it would be wrong not to since it is such a huge film. Luckily, it was as good as it was anticipated to be. Referencing points from my review of the film, it stayed true to the originals and was full of action that even I could follow (non-Star Wars fan). Furthermore, I always appreciate a movie that can give us golden nuggets to take away after leaving the theater and the Force Awakens is full of them.

creed movie review 2015 imagesCreed

Creed is an excellent movie. Michael B Jordan, who was also in one of the worse movies of the year (Fantastic Four), did a great job as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed and Sylvester Stallone shined as Rocky. The action, the little details, and the boxing match at the end makes for an exciting two hours, especially for tried and true Rocky fans.

Some movie buffs may argue that 2015 was not that great of a year for Hollywood, but I always seek to see the good in things (for the most part) and mixed in with some duds, there were more movies worth seeing than critics like to admit.