Is it time for Knicks to make Carmelo Anthony trade?

is it time for knocks to make a carmelo anthony trade 2017 imagesis it time for knocks to make a carmelo anthony trade 2017 images

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony wasn’t thrilled with this year’s ESPN NBA Rankings. When the list factored in his age and situation, Melo ended up No. 64 overall, down from No. 31 last season. That puts him right between Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart and Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

That’s right, Carmelo is behind Lonzo Ball, who has yet to even play a regular season game in the NBA.

Anthony, of course, wasn’t happy, and he took to Instagram to voice his displeasure, posting a picture of himself smiling with a caption that read, “Can’t Make Sense Out Of Non Sense!”

Melo also later added, “AS LONG AS I KNOW IM NICE, F— IT IM MY OWN FAN.”

While I’m not sure how much further up the list Melo would like to see himself, I will admit that placing a superstar (maybe former superstar?) behind a rookie is blatantly disrespectful on ESPN’s part, even if it does turn out true come the end of the year.

The list does have people talking, however, including Melo’s old Syracuse and Team USA coach Jim Boeheim. At this point, according to Boeheim, the Knicks need to get rid of Melo as quickly as possible so he can start over and prove himself elsewhere.

“I think for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks, the best thing is for him is to go someplace where they can start over,” said Boeheim. “[The Knicks] need to start over. They have young guys, and it would be best for him to get with veteran guys, and he’s still got two or three great years left. They can’t win in New York for two years, three years.”

Where is that elsewhere? Where else but the Houston Rockets. It’s more of a “when” than an “if” now.

“The Rockets would be great,” continued Boeheim. “They got two point guards [Chris Paul and James Harden]. He could play like he played on the Olympic team, spot up, make shots. Everybody criticizes New York because he goes one-on-one, well, in the triangle, if you get the ball with eight seconds to go, you got no other option except to go one-on-one. There he’ll be spotting up; it will be like it was for the Olympic team, much easier for him. I think it will just work better for both teams; I hope it does.”

At this point, with the season so close, the Knicks need to do something fast. No one wants to see Melo in a Knicks uniform anymore—especially Melo.