The Rise of Smart Homes: How the Home of the Future Works

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You may have heard of the term «smart home» lately. You may have seen even a prototype of a real home of the future, called KB Home ProjeKt, that is an example of how homes in a couple of years are going to look like. At first sight, there is no difference between a simple house and that future prototype. But, even though a smart home may look like any other high-end home in your city, there is one distinctive feature, which makes it special– technology.

Smart homes 2019 being controlled by tablet kb home projekt

Today, such homes have already become something accessible to all, even though they slightly differ from that KB Home ProjeKt prototype. A smart home is a house that connects all the electronic devices and systems, creating one controllable network. If you still use your mobile devices for basic things like social media or just surfing the Net only, have a look at how your technology can be used to increase the convenience in your house too.

Smart Homes Explained

Can you build this house in your native city or turn your own one into a smart building?

The world of Internet-connected devices that allows your gadgets and appliances to go online and talk to each other is more than just a part of the future. It is already a real technology that can be easily implemented even if the simplest house. You can surround yourself with the IoT technology by having just a laptop and a tablet around. In other words, a smart house is a variety of connected devices that share specific information with each other providing convenience and energy-saving decisions for the place you are living in.

Amazon Echo is the best example of how technology can be incorporated in your daily life for greater convenience. It is a functional innovation that is going to become even more popular in a couple of years.

Amazon Alexa smart home control

Smart Home Tech

Imagine you already own a smart house. How does it look like? And what’s inside?

  • The only difference between a simple building and a smart building is that the second one has more practical smart solutions inside. It can be pretty hard to define which house is a smart one only by looking at two identical buildings.
  • A smart building starts with a smart doorbell. It is the first and the easiest thing you can do right now to incorporate tech in your home. Smart locks and doorbells are cheap and easy to connect to your computer.
  • Controlling the lights in the house is another way to incorporate IoT elements today. It can be either a sound control only or a sound control with a visual response when you can control the intensity of the lights on the tablet screen.
  • Your TV and loudspeakers can be controlled through the Internet from any other corner of the house as well. Turn your smartphone into a remote control without the need to look for a real one.
  • Kitchen is the most interesting part of IoT. Just think of a smart kettle, which you can control while lying in a bed, brushing your teeth, or watching a TV show.

To make a long story short, almost anything that uses electricity (lighting, locks, security system, TV, loudspeakers, etc.) can be connected to your home network and controlled by lifting a finger or something like that. The only problem here is a high level of online protection required. All smart devices should be fully protected by security software before being incorporated in your living area.