TED 2 Spot Celebrates Tom Bradys Manhood

TED 2 Spot Celebrates Tom Bradys Manhood

TED 2 Spot Celebrates Tom Bradys Manhood

Tom Brady is having a great year. He’s won his fourth Super Bowl, earned his third Super Bowl MVP, and now he’s got Seth McFarlane advertising his manhood in “Ted 2”.

Super Bowl XLIX Sunday had Tom Brady doing double duty; first taking home his fourth Super Bowl championship ring and then being pursued by Mark Wahlberg and Ted for his procreation genes in the latest “Ted 2” movie trailer the Washington Post reported yesterday. If that wasn’t enough, he also earned his third Super Bowl MVP.

The first “Ted 2“movie trailer hit Jan. 29, and it looks like Seth McFarlane will be able to surpass the high expectations set by the original “Ted”. That’s not easy, but even in this short clip featuring Brady, you can get way more laughs than most full feature comedies.

ted 2 mark wahlberg blown away bare by tom brady manhood back with ted2015

In this less than one minute trailer, Ted (Seth McFarlane) asks his “Thunder Buddy” John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) to help him in finding a sperm donor. John quickly finds out in the thick of the night that Ted already has a Triple A donor in mind after they sneak into New England Patriot’s Tom Brady‘s bedroom. The potty mouthed bear put it simply:

“Two MVPs,” Ted explained. “Guaranteed Hall of Famer. Now let’s give him a hand job into this cup.”

McFarlane may do a quick edit and update that two MVPs to three now that he has time. The punchline of this scene is when John and his buddy can’t help be captivated by Brady’s manhood and say, “And that’s at rest!”  Many may wonder now ifthat means he’s  a shower, not a grower.tom brady wakes up with mark wahlberg and ted 2 staring at his junk 2015


As expected, Brady wakes up seeing this and throws the two peeping toms out of his home. This is one ad that will probably get the Patriots quarterback some appreciative stares from both sexes.

tom brady throwing ted 2 over balcony for mark wahlberg
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In the sequel, Ted is newly married to Tami-Lynn who wants them to have a baby. Even in the movies, this isn’t quite possible, so Ted must prove that he’s a real person in court so that he can qualify to be a parent. “Ted 2” will be out in theaters June 26.