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Windows 10: Fixing Broken Windows

Like kids playing baseball in a field near many houses, Microsoft managed to break a window or two. But instead of stopping, kept on playing and broke more windows, broke the peace and agitated the house residents.

More Windows 8 Haters Now Flocking To Windows 10

In the aftermath of the apocalypse known as Windows 8, more and more Windows faithful flock to the upcoming Windows 10 to see what the commotion is all about and how it can restore peace and order in the consumer and business world.

8 Things in Windows 10 Windows 8 Haters Will Like

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating system was fresh, fast and different. It ushered in a new PC category known as hybrids, half tablet/half laptop. However, its being ‘different’ has also earned it the distinction of being the most hated Windows version since Windows Vista and Windows Me

Will Windows 10 Make Windows 8 Haters Happy?

Windows 8 in itself is a good operating system. The core system is faster, more robust, and more secure and has less resource requirements than its predecessors, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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