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New England Patriots Officially Slam Wells Report: Deflategate 2015

If you thought the Wells Report was a tough read due to all the mundane lawyer speak, you were not alone. It was not very entertaining so most people just checked out the highlights. The New England Patriots have now offered up their official rebuttal to the Wells Report and it is a bit more entertaining.

Will Roger Goodell Find Tom Brady Very Appealing?

As expected, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is already appealing the four game suspension handed down to him from the NFL resulting from what was called Deflategate or the findings in the Wells Report.

Teflon Tom Brady Untouched By Wells Report: Deflategate 2015

30 hours was not enough time for Tom Brady to digest the Wells Report, he said in an interview with Jim Gray. Brady said he would let everyone know when he had a response to the report on Deflategate that stated that the four time Super Bowl Champ was "at least generally aware" of the football tampering.

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