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Gamer Weekly: Titanfall 2 beta and Metal Gear Survive

Gaming Weekly: Metal Gear Survive Announced, Deus Ex Garners Positive Reviews and Titanfall 2 beta hits

Gamer Weekly: Lots of leaks for E3 Expo and Titanfall 2 hits in October

This week in gaming, which was home to the start of E3 (EA and Bethesda’s press conferences), was pretty good—unless you’re affiliated with Microsoft; quite a few planned reveals were leaked before their press conference on Monday morning

Gamer Weekly: Uncharted 4 huge hit and Disney Infinity axed

Uncharted 4, as was expected, is one of the best games of all time. The ultra-impressive title looks marvelous, plays perfectly, is well-written, and in terms of multiplayer, functions excellently.

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