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Facebook jumping into Tinder territory plus Mark Zuckerberg updates

Mark Zuckberg is moving forwards with Facebook after having the worst ever privacy scandal, but he is ready to fight Tinder with a new dating feature.

Tinder Shows Not Much Has Changed In Online Dating

Online dating has been a part of social culture for quite some time now. Myself, I got into it a little bit late because I was in a committed relationship when it started to take off and I stayed in that relationship up until 2003.

The Moral of the Ashley-Madison Story

9.7 Gigabytes of information from 37 million or so cheaters are out there right now. Data of people who cheat on their spouses or partners at least once or at least tried to, thanks to the hacking group known as the Impact Team. That data was taken from the online cheating website Ashley Madison.

Will Tinder Make An App Fighting STD’s It’s Causing?

It used to be a guessing game. Whether or not one person mutually likes the other, friend or acquaintance, enough to go on a date and possibly sleep together. It was also difficult to determine for some whether there’s someone out there nearby he/she is compatible with.

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