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Heroes and Zeros: Kamala Harris vs Steve Harvey

It’s another round of Heroes and Zeros; this week’s winner is a politician fighting the good fight against corruption and other important issues while the loser is a renaissance man is too high and mighty to display good manners.

Celebrities begin supporting Donald Trump: What are they seeing?

Is it time to give Donald Trump a chance? This is something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Celebrities have really been pushing this notion and it’s one that I find hard to wrap my head around for various reasons.

Drake Bombs At Kardashian Bash & Steve Harvey Embraces Miss Universe

While the majority of us were enjoying a more intimate gathering on Christmas Eve, some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities were all partying the night away at the Kardashians’ annual Christmas Eve bash.

Tasha Smith Released From Marriage Prison & 50 Cent Takes On Rick Ross

Tyler Perry's main actress Tasha Smith has finally gotten out of her long marriage, Steve Harvey will be back for Miss Universe, and 50 Cent is taking Rick Ross to court.

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