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Robots, Basic Income and Star Trek

What’s money for anyway? It’s a means to acquire goods and services which everyone has to work for to acquire and in some cases, steal and even kill for. It’s something everyone worries about.

The Tech of Trek

Every time I go through our annual physical exams which include some rather invasive procedures, I’m reminded of Star Trek. Every time blood is extracted through conventional means (cutting the tip of the index finge

‘Star Trek’s’ Still As Relevant on The 50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the launch of Star Trek is this September. Fifty years after William Shatner made his first “captain’s log,” the power of Star Trek is felt across generations.

Lisa Vanderpump back for more ‘RHOBH’ and Justin Bieber wet undies contest

The cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting a big shake up for their upcoming season. Just a few weeks ago, long-time RHOBH’s star Yolanda Foster announced that she would no longer be part of the show

RIP Anton Yelchin: Actor dies in freak car accident at 27

Sadly, one of the nicest actors, Anton Yelchin, was killed in a freak car accident early Sunday at the young age of 27. He showed his future greatness in films like "Charlie Bartlett,"

J.J. Abrams brings back ‘Axanar’

We geeks have JJ Abrams to thank for a lot of things. Many people found TV again through his co-creation Lost. He also gave people Alias, Felicity and America’s own badass giant monster in Cloverfield.

The Gene Roddenberry Files

Gene Roddenberry has immortalized himself by giving us Star Trek, his vision of a Wagon Train to the Stars. It’s a universe where the human race travels the stars and is no longer committed to the pursuit of material wealth nor the dominance of any religion.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ first trailer hits a little forced

Star Trek Beyond hits with the first trailer while we wait for Star Wars to hit.

Star Trek Tribble Coin Purse Review: 2015 Hottest Xmas Geeks Toys

Yes, it is possible to be geeky and yet fashionable at the same time. All you need is the right attitude, that Trekkie vibe, and the Star Trek Tribble Coin Purse, and you are all set!

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