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SNL’s Pete Davidson takes some laughs from Dan Crenshaw

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson manned up to face former Navy SEAL Dan Cranshaw who he mocked last week causing a lot of controversy. It was a great moment to show how conservatives and liberals can come together to find common ground.

PC Police get it wrong with Tina Fey

Once again, the hypersensitive liberal PC police have gone overboard attacking Tina Fey for making a point with her comedy. This is just another reason why Democrats have a long road ahead of them.

Kendall Jenner’s can of Pepsi only highlights the race problem

A lot of people have something to say about the failed Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial and rightfully so. The notion that something so simple as a can of soda, delivered by a member of the most attention-whoring family in entertainment

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