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Huawei 5G Mate X folding phone plus fight with U.S. heats up

Samsung and Huawei are duking it out to be the king of the folding smartphone with their Galaxy Fold and Mate X. As we...

Verizon Wireless helping parents balance teens online privacy and safety

Keeping your children safe from social media, smartphones and those dangers lurking on the internet can be overwhelming for any parent so Verizon Wireless has created an amazing Parents Guide to Kids and Tech that will save you plenty of stress and anxiety.

Google takes Pixel 3 to bigger place while Plus finally killed off

Google follows the bigger is better trend as its Pixel 3 is larger and lusher while the media giant finally puts the beleaguered Google Plus to rest in August.

Apple, Google join forces to reduce screen time addiction

Knowing that both kids and adults spend way more time on their smart phones than is healthy, Apple and Google have joined forces to help us limit our screen time and focus on heathier things.

Top 10 hottest tech and game changing innovations

CES 2017 may have hit back in January, but its effect is felt throughout the year. The Consumer Electronics Show is a great guiding tool for what to expect in tech for the upcoming year.

Is it time for a Digital Detox?

If you’ve been spending time on your smartphone or tablet as much as a lot of people do these days, you may have chanced upon an article showing this ludicrous invention, which is made up of a bunch of LED

Do you really need that new smartphone?

The smartphone is one of the most successful pieces of consumer tech and has been for quite some time. Despite the original intention for the mobile phone being a very simple one, the device has evolved into its current form and is a necessity for the average adult.

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