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ADOPTED: Meet Sia NSALA’s latest adoptable cat

At just 5 months old, Sia is an adorable black and white, shorthaired domestic kitty. She is still fairly small and has plenty of growing to do, but she is well on her way in blossoming into a full-grown, social adult cat.

Thomas Gibson fired from ‘Criminal Minds’ for kicking and Sia gets Celine Dion love

The "Criminal Minds" altercation that got Thomas Gibson fired from the veteran CBS procedural drama was kicking a writer on-set. This came just one day after he was suspended from the first two episodes of the new season because of problems.

Donald Trump Does Saturday Night Live Again & Bella Hadid In Gigi’s Shadow

Apparently Saturday Night Live is the new hangout for U.S. Politicians. Last Saturday, presidential candidate Hilary Clinton made a cameo on the late night skit show, and now it has been announced that controversial candidate Donald Trump will be hosting the November 7th episode of the show.

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