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Tag: Sexual Assault

Kevin Spacey loses one accuser as Scotland Yard steps in

As one accuser against Kevin Spacey has dropped his lawsuit, Scotland Yard has travelled to the United States to interview the award winning actor.

Shallow feminism: the glaring aspect of millennial feminism

While the millennial generation is often seen as narcissistic, why should we carry this trait into our feminist movement?

Heroes and Zeros: Drake vs People Magazine, Blake Shelton

Drake is our hero this week for stopping a man from sexually assaulting a woman by literally stopping his concert and People Magazine is our loser this week for their choice of Blake Shelton as 2017 Sexiest Man Alive.

Too much Hollywood power can unleash the worst

As Hollywood continues feeling the controversy of sexual misconduct, some of them like Louis C.K. seemed to be telling us their truth in their onscreen work.

Answering Donald Trump’s questions on sexual assault

If ever there was a question about the existence of misogyny in the world in which we live, look no further than Donald Trump and his defenders. He is the epitome of the word and when you add in sexist and racist

Brock Turner Stanford Rape Case an anomaly from most Sexual Assaults

Brock Turner's name has suddenly been thrust into the media spotlight as another example of being young, privileged and white in America. He was able to get a reduced sentence, but one thing that was missed by many media outlets

Bill Cosby inspires new sexual assault bill in California

Bill Cosby has been difficult in having sexual assault charges stick so rather than complain, California's Legislature is pushing a bill through so this won't happen again.

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