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Tag: San Diego Padres

Melvin Upton Jr. acquired – More Toronto Blue Jays trades coming

The San Diego Padres are currently in Toronto for interleague play in Major League Baseball. Not only did the Blue Jays win the first game of their series, but Toronto also plundered the Padres outfield.

National League Week 20 Recap: Mets Continue To Impress

The National League continues to deliver excitement night in and night out as the calendar month prepares to flip to September. This week a few of the hottest teams include the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates and even the San Diego Padres.

National League Week 15: San Diego Padres Heating Up

The second half of the 2015 Major League Baseball season has opened up as a few surprise teams have played well around the National League. One of those teams that opened up hot to open the second half of the season has been the San Diego Padres.

Most Underrated National League Baseball Teams 2015

The one big question entering the 2015 Major League season is which team in the National League is the most underrated? The list of the National League clubs that could land on this list could be as many as five teams depending on what you might look for in these clubs.

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