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Robots get the boot from Walmart, Trump conspiracies flounder

Walmart is giving 500 robots the pink slip before the holiday season while Donald Trump's Sharpiegate fails to land.

Anki, Cozmo shut down halts rolling personal robot hopes plus iPhone doesn’t hurt Apple

With Anki and Cozmo going under, the hope of rolling personal robots drops while Apple's iPhone slump doesn't hurt its bottom line.

Robots will break your heart every time

As robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue becoming part of our everyday lives, some have found themselves falling for something not built to love them back.

AI could take over 25 percent more jobs in 2030

Americans may be worrying that illegal immigrants are taking away their jobs, but a new study shows they should be more worried about artificial intelligence doing that in 2020. The next economic downturn should speed it up.

Robots that Replace Skilled Labor Should Pay Taxes

If there’s anything in the world that can unite everyone, whatever race, class, political belief, religion or gender alignment; that we can all agree on, except maybe people who work in internal revenue offices, is that paying taxes suck.

Kirobo Mini: Technological imaginary friends

Technology may have invaded the realm of imaginary friends. Lonely kids will not have to dream up their imaginary friends because they can have one that really talks back for about 400 US Dollars.

The X-Men are Coming and They Might Take Over

Some guy predicted that we’ll be seeing more and more enhanced humans in the near future. Now who wouldn’t like the ability to run super-fast, lift a couple of tons, be able to hear or smell something for quite a distance

The Dawn of E-Persons

It seems that humanoid-looking robots, or androids, also need to have a proper name. Europe has proposed that they be called electronic persons.

The Other Robopocalypse Starting at McDonalds

One end-of-the-world scenario is the robopocalypse where intelligent robots take over the world either by wiping out the human race or enslaving them.

Dominos helps make pizza delivery boy unemployment rate rise

Those are the problems low-income earners face as experts predict that very menial jobs will be replaced by robots by the year 2030. Some hotels in Japan already have creepy-looking receptionists and robotic bellhops in hotels as well as robotic bartenders.

Robots Taking Jobs, Should People Worry?

Robots will soon take over the world and it’s not because of Skynet. There could eventually come a time when many menial jobs will be taken over by robots, anthropomorphic or otherwise.

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