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Shallow feminism: the glaring aspect of millennial feminism

While the millennial generation is often seen as narcissistic, why should we carry this trait into our feminist movement?

Roy Moore’s Jesus defender; how low can Republicans tolerance go?

When Republicans are able to defend Alabama's Roy Moore's child molestation allegations using Jesus and not 'forcible rape' as a defense, you know why their party is in such a freefall now.

Bill Cosby legal quagmire only getting worse in 2017

With all the craziness of 2016, many have forgotten about Bill Cosby and all the women who accused him of drugging and then raping them. Well, the legal system hasn't forgotten Mr. Cosby, and things are only looking worse for the comedy actor.

Nate Parker making it harder to separate him from ‘Birth Of A Nation’

Nate Parker hasn't made it easier for people to want to see his "Birth Of A Nation," as his pr campaign trying to downplay the rape allegations in his past has been downright frustrating.

Derrick Rose’s Limited Vocabulary a Red Herring?

Let's keep that in mind as we look at the Derrick Rose allegations. Rose is currently facing a civil suit for rape from an anonymous woman.

Tiarah Poyau and Reginald Moise exposes Black Male Fragility

Tiarah Poyau is the most recent young woman killed by a man too weak to accept rejection and keep it moving. Instead of letting things be and understanding that a woman’s body doesn’t belong to the world

‘Birth of a Nation’ Nate Parker and cast urge audience to forget his rape allegations

In what can only be called an overly prepared press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival, director Nate Parke and the cast of "The Birth of a Nation" did everything to get audiences to forget all about his past rape allegations.

‘Birth of a Nation’s’ Nate Parker: Monster or Martyr?

Why now? This is what I keep asking myself about the Nate Parker "Birth of a Nation" situation. As a black woman, I have to admit that I am torn on the issue. A part of me wants to stand up for this black man

Oh to be young, privileged and white: Brock Turner’s Story

Oh to be young, privileged and white as in the case of Brock Turner. The disparity that exists in the punishment of black and white offenders of the same crimes continues to grow in this country

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