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Donald Trump’s Barack Obama facts wrong plus Paul Manafort violation

Donald Trump is claiming that Barack Obama separated migrant families at the border, but his facts are off on that one. Paul Manafort has violated his plea agreement with Robert Mueller and Trump is attacking the Russia probe on Twitter again.

How Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort hurt Donald Trump

Just how does Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen's day in court affect President Donald Trump? Top 11 burning questions answered.

Donald Trump reacts as 5 ‘witches’ found or plead guilty

Donald Trump can't remain quiet on Tuesday after Paul Manafort is found guilty of 8 charges and former fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to 8 counts leaving many to speculate he will be cooperating with Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump distracts again with Philadelphia Eagles ‘Patriotism’

Donald Trump's latest stunt of uninviting Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles shows that he has become the arbiter of American patriotism or is he trying to distract from Paul Manafort's attempted witness tampering charges?

Donald Trump’s men Paul Manafort, Rick Gates face more criminal charges

Robert Mueller brought attention back to Donald Trump's least favorite investigation as former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were given 32 more criminal charges against them in the ongoing Russia probe.

Donald Trump’s alternate world of truth fact check

Donald Trump has spent his year in the White House proving that you can live in an alternate world of facts but here's the truth behind his reality.

Fact Check: Donald Trump gets it wrong on Paul Manafort, Rick Gates ‘hoax’

Donald Trump facts fall short on Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, Bob Corker and Boeing.

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