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Michael Sam’s St Louis Rams ‘Hard Knocks’ weigh in

Michael Sam Weighs in on Weak Rumors that St. Louis Rams Draft him to Avoid ‘Hard Knocks’

‘NFL Confidential’ Tell-All Book Exposing NFL Locker Room Drugs, Homophobia & Race Relations

Surprise, surprise. A new tell-all book, "NFL Confidential" shows that the NFL Locker Room isn’t exactly the most social progressive, accepting place in the world. We already knew that.

Michael Sam’s NFL Window Closing

Michael Sam has had a lot of firsts in his football career. Being taken in the NFL draft is no small accomplishment. Facing the heat of being the first openly gay player drafted certainly tested the man.

Michael Sam Out But Not Done With NFL

What if Sam never makes an NFL roster? What will be his career path? I have no idea, but he seems like a bright, ambitious guy who could work in football broadcasting, coaching, or any number of related fields.

Gareth Thomas & James Haskell Open the Closet On Professional Sports

Gareth Thomas has always been pretty outspoken on being himself both on and off the rugby field which is slowly becoming more common here in the U.S.

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