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Michael Irvin could be out of a job in 2016

Just listening to public reaction to the possibility of the NFL Network not renewing Michael Irvin’s contract, it doesn't sound like the Playmaker would be missed.

10 Notable Career-Ending Injuries in NFL History

The first Sunday in the NFL season has come and gone, so I figured we’d end it on…well, not exactly positive, I suppose. Let’s say an educational note.

Top 10 Most Inspiring Athletes Ever

I’ve talked before about the meaningless of sports. That’s not an easy topic to dive into as a sports fan. It’s tough to think about all the hours spent on something I enjoy so much that ultimately is just fun and games. Sports are not life or death.

Top 10 Worst Behaved NFL Fans

This past week we got to witness the latest fan to go full blown jerk at an NFL game. The Bengals scored a touchdown and the receiver went to toss the ball to one of their fans. A Saints fan ripped the ball away that was clearly meant for a nice lady in Bengals attire.

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