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Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’ won’t change Trump supporters as nothing will

Bob Woodward's Rage book won't have any affect on Donald Trumps supporters as my in-laws have proven.

Michael Cohen is back to haunt Donald Trump again

Donald Trump's problems continue piling up as former personal lawyer Michael Cohen is now set to testify before Congress which will be televised. Will the president suddenly end the government shutdown to distract from Cohen?

Donald Trump can’t get Russia to go away fact check

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in more, Donald Trump has been spinning out his facts and then contradicting them within a days time. Here's the breakdown on his facts and what is the real truth.

Donald Trump’s border wall fiction plus Michael Cohen’s 3 years in prison

At this point, most Americans realize that Donald Trump doesn't really care about the border wall; he just needs a fighting point to keep his base happy while former layer Michael Cohen receives a 3-year prison sentence.

Donald Trump gets facts wrong on Russia, Michael Cohen and China

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in on the president, Donald Trump is spinning out plenty of inaccurate Tweets and facts about Russia, Michael Cohen and his recent deal with China. We'll set the record straight with facts.

How Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort hurt Donald Trump

Just how does Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen's day in court affect President Donald Trump? Top 11 burning questions answered.

Donald Trump reacts as 5 ‘witches’ found or plead guilty

Donald Trump can't remain quiet on Tuesday after Paul Manafort is found guilty of 8 charges and former fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to 8 counts leaving many to speculate he will be cooperating with Robert Mueller.

Will Donald Trumps ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen survive Stormy Daniels, FBI raid?

Donald Trump's personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen has really stepped into after tangling with adult film star Stormy Daniels as Monday's FBI raid looks to test his loyalty. Will he really take a bullet for the president and his family like he's claimed in interviews?

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