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The frightening brilliance behind Donald Trump’s media attacks

President Donald Trump created a media disavowal campaign back in 2015 during his campaign, but on Friday, it picked up a frightening speed with a simple tweet. This tweet was the beginning of something rather dark

Paris ISIS Attacks Shows Where Media Stands For Ratings

The events that happened in Paris on Friday are tragic. They are heart wrenching, and they are disgusting. You know what else conjures up those very same feelings? The 147 Kenyans that were killed back in April of this year.

Black Churches Keep Burning But No Media Coverage: For the Record

Churches are burning and no one is saying anything about it. It was brought to my attention that numerous churches, black churches to be exact, have burned within the past few weeks. I didn’t really know much about it happening because I didn’t see the mainstream media talking about it.

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