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89th Academy Award ‘Lobster’ love and other surprises

Every year, there's bound to be shocks and happy surprises when the Academy Awards nominations are announced. People will decipher what each nomination means and what each seeming snub reflects about the film or actor.

‘Hidden Figures’ tops box office while Scorsese and Affleck films tank

"Hidden Figures" is proving itself to be stiff competition for "La La Land" which is likely to receive a bulk of Oscar nominations. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" saw its first big drop to fourth spot while Martin Scorsese and Ben Affleck both saw their films bomb.

Martin Scorsese’s Epic ‘Silence’ Gets Awards-Friendly Release Date

Whenever there’s a Martin Scorsese film hitting the big screen, it’s almost a sure bet that it will get some awards attention that year. But what’s odd about his latest work, the reportedly three-plus-hour Silence

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