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Samsung delays Galaxy Fold while WannaCry cyber expert guilty of bank malware

After reviewers found that Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone was breaking, the company delayed release and British cyber expert Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to creating bank malware.

The harsh reality of Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre are the latest computer virus malwares that are lighting up the media, but here are some facts behind all the fear mongering.

Kaspersky, nervous about ties to Kremlin, hands over source code

Not long after a proposal hit the U.S. Senate seeking to ban the Defense Department from using any of Kaspersky's software platforms, the company is trying to prove it has no ties to the Russian government

Why Windows XP Refuses to Die

Good old Windows XP is still around despite Microsoft’s all-out war against its own product. It’s really tough to fix what many consumers feel doesn’t need fixing. Speaking of war, not only does Windows XP refuse to die

Artificial Intelligence becoming best defense against ransomware

Microsoft stepping up next Windows 10 update to fight ransomware with higher artificial intelligence defense.

Android feels the wrath of Judy malware

As Android apps pile up in the Google Play store, malware like Judy is sure to infest it and cause some damage.

Microsoft saves the day on WannCry?

Guess one can still count on Microsoft during a worldwide crisis. But could it be genuine altruism or heroism or a long-term preventive measure?

Russian malware found at electric utility has U.S. cybersecurity re-examined

Times have certainly changed in America where in the past if there was a threat of national security, it was treated seriously. Now truth doesn't matter as much to President-elect Donald Trump who continues denouncing facts

Bangladesh Central Bank Malware Hack: Going on the Cheap Isn’t Always a Good Idea

You get what you pay for. Buildings collapse, machines break down, dinosaurs roam parks and eat tourists and computers get hacked. That’s what happens when people scrimp too much on costs.

As If Ads Weren’t Bad Enough, Now Adsense comes with Malware stuffed inside

Ads aren’t all that bad. They’re designed for people that actually need the stuff they’re selling in case they see them. They help move the economy along by getting folks to buy something they don’t really need or already have.

Apple Updates: Malware for the Rest of Us

There was a time when viruses and malware for Apple products were few and far in between. Across many tech forums, whenever there’s some news about something wrong with Windows, users would evangelize about how great their Macs and Linux boxes

Make No Mistake or Malware’s Gonna Get You

We live in lazy, convenient times where word processors correct our spelling and grammar automatically, where browsers auto-complete or auto-suggest website URLs. We sometimes take these things for granted that they backfire.

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