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Tags Malia Obama

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Malia Obama’s party time and Kylie Jenner wigs out

Earlier in the summer, Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia was recorded on video smoking. While it was unclear whether she was puffing on a cigarette or some other substance, the Internet did not hold back on slamming

Heroes and Zeros: Tayja Jones vs FOX News readers

This week’s hero is a young girl who found the courage to stand up to Internet bullies and the zero is Fox News and its readers, who are part of the internet bullying problem.

Obama’s Goat Deal For Malia & French Montana Skimps On Chinx: Celebrity Gossip

It’s hump day beautiful people and the gossip in the land of the rich and famous does not stop. President Obama's daugher Malia is already getting wooed for marriage with interesting gifts and French Montana cheaps out on Chinx Drugz funeral.

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