LGBT bill passes house expanding rights, but Senate ready to kill it

Nancy Pelosi led the Democrats in the House to pass a LGBT rights expansion bill overcoming Republican opposition. Senate members are ready to kill it.

Donald Trump back to his transgender military ban

President Donald Trump has decided to go after transgender people serving or wanting to serve in the military. Here's what he wants implemented, and what effects it will have.

Jeff Sessions gives religion more freedom to discriminate against LGBT community

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is determined to knock out all minority groups and the LGBT community is the latest in his sites as he signs directive allowing people to use religion to openly discriminate.

Charlotte gets another shot at 2019 NBA All-Star Game

Charlotte might have lost the NBA All-Star game for 2017, but after towing the line for the league, the North Carolina city will get it back for 2019.

Hollywood’s tiny dip into LGBT pool with ‘Power Rangers’ Trini, Sulu and LeFou

While many people love saying that Hollywood is so liberal, there are still many topics that make the major studios nervous. Now that a few high-profile studio movies have added gay characters to their mainstream films

Charlotte’s anti-LGBT law drives NBA All-Star Game out

You wonder how much more of a financial hit Charlotte, NC has to take before it realizes that it's antiquated anti-LGBT laws aren't going over with many Americans, including the NBA.

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