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CES 2016 Ushers in Tech of the Year

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is upon us, and we’re going to be showered with all new tech toys and gadgets that could change our lives, the way we work and the way we play.

2015 Year In Tech Review

Time flies but time flies much faster in the tech world. That iPhone 6 Plus you bought last year will feel like a relic once the iPhone 7 gets released come 2016. For many, Microsoft’s surprising Windows 10 conference last January still feels like yesterday.

Tablet Wars: Clone Wars

The clones are back. It has been a while since the term was used in the PC industry. Back then, any PC that looks similar and can run DOS or Disk Operating System (not Denial of Service) and programs that run in the original IBM-PC was called a PC clone or IBM-PC compatible.

Tablet Wars 2: Microsoft Strikes Back

It’s Microsoft’s turn to lead the pack again. If you would remember back when Microsoft introduced Windows 8, they also introduced a new PC form factor in the form of the Surface Pro and the Surface RT.

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