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Tags Kellyanne Conway

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Donald Trump’s biggest credibility damaging lies to White House

Like a dysfunctional family shen it comes to the truth, Donald Trump and his White House might be related but they have quite a dislike for one another.

Kellyanne Conway loves alternate facts as much as Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is not afraid to give himself credit for things that others have done. He's been like that since he began in business and many New York businessman joked about getting 'the Donald,'

Week 3: Donald Trump proves facts an unneeded accessory

One thing we've learned is that President Donald Trump doesn't like facts that run asunder to his 'facts.' Week 3 has ended, and what was hoped were just learning mistakes the first two weeks in office

Kellyanne Conway brings QVC to White House for Ivanka Trump

President Donald Trump's top advisor, Kellyanne Conway, took a moment on Thursday to heavily promote Ivanka Trump's fashion products which felt more like a Saturday Night Live skit.

Donald Trump doing ‘Apprentice’ in spare time while running America

While Donald Trump is facing critism for refusing to give up an Executive Producer credit on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice," but stalwart Kellyanne Conway is defending and pivoting as best she can.

After Kellyanne Conway confusion, Donald Trump revisits Mitt Romney

It's been mainly Preisdent-elect Donald Trump causing all the head scratching, but his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway caused quite a ruckus on Sunday in an interview basically disavowing Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.

Donald Trump close to chief of staff pick

With a chief of staff short list that includes Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, campaign CEO Steve Bannon and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, you can see which direction Donald Trump is going with his presidency.

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