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Tags John Bolton

Tag: John Bolton

Donald Trump wins with John Bolton book lawsuit

Donald Trump won in moving forward on his lawsuit again John Bolton for his The Room Where It Happened memoir.

Trump Administration hurting Cuba tourism while president pushes Boris Johnson in UK

Donald Trump is inserting himself into UK politics pushing for Boris Johnson to replace Theresa May while the White House imposes tighter travel restrictions on Cuba.

‘Nationalist’ Donald Trump felt alone in Paris

President Donald Trump quickly learned in Paris that America first and being a nationalist resulted in him feeling mostly alone.

Can Fox News survive Donald Trump White House purge?

As President Donald Trumps continue racking up more departures from his White House administration, Fox News is beginning to feel the loss as he continues draining that channel to fill his staff.

Rudy Giuliani in lead for Donald Trump’s Secretary of State slot

President-elect Donald Trump is working his way down to fill the top slots, and it's looking like Rudy Giuliani may edge out John Bolton for the secretary of state spot.

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