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Did The NFL Clean Up Its Act In 2014 For 2015?

I am sure Roger Goodell is pleased with himself after a rough start to the 2014 NFL season. The fact that he still has a job in the NFL is reason enough for his happy state of mind.

ESPN Is Roger Goodell’s Shield Against Bill Simmons – NFL Controversy

Bill Simmons stirred up a hornets' nest when he had the audacity, read integrity, to question Roger Goodell's honesty about the Ray Rice video. Actually he didn't really question his honesty

Janay Rice Standing Firm By Her Man Ray: One Man’s Opinion

After the fiasco of TMZ's release of the Ray Rice video, came even more of a media storm. The NFL is seemingly trying to cover its own tracks depending on who you believe. Janay Rice went to social media

Top 10 Reasons NFL Waited Months Before Dealing With Race Rice Domestic Abuse

The video of Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out cold and dragging her from the elevator cost him his job as an NFL player for now. But why did it take the NFL and the Ravens months to really take action on the guy?

John Harbaugh NFL Press Conference Sept 9, 2014 Translated Coach Speak

We translate the "coach speak". Nothing funny about domestic violence. What is funny is the NFL having to do word gymnastics to avoid trouble for themselves.

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