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Microsoft gives yet another reason to get the Surface Pro

Microsoft is giving its Surface Pro yet another makeover that will be thinner, lighter and have a much longer battery life. Plus it will have better viewing angles.

The Hottest New Samsung Tech You Must Have for 2017

amsung may have had an unfortunate year in 2016, but the company is charging forward with some of the best smartphones, tablets and smartwatches you’ll want to check out.

Microsoft throws more shade at Apple

Just when we thought that Microsoft and Apple are about to have a symbiotic relationship, they're at it again. Old habits just die hard. Microsoft just threw more shade in Apple's way and this time, it's about the iPad Pro

Apple or Microsoft, Which one is Deluded?

While promoting the iPad Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook, made several statements that are supposed to promote the oversized tablet for business use but instead comes off as weird.

Tablet Wars, the Enterprise Awakens

Tablet technology has matured enough that businesses are starting to recognize their use. Microsoft already has a foot at the door with its Surface tablets especially the much-praised Surface Pro 3. Apple is now gearing up to launch a 12-inch iPad Pro in order to prove that the iPad has what it takes to be a serious business tool.

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