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Best of 2015 MLB Grapefruit League Round Up

The warm sunny air of Florida will come to an end for most Major League Baseball teams this weekend as the Grapefruit league season wraps up. Outside of the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays who both get to spend the full season down South.

Grapefruit League Week 2 Review 2015 & Top Performers

The spring training is rolling along in Florida as teams in the GrapeFruit league prepare for the upcoming season. As opening day sits less than two weeks away we get a chance to take a look at which teams have performed well as well as which players stand out between the 15 teams in the Grape Fruit League.

Grapefruit League Week 1 Recap Review 2015

The warm sunny air is heating up in Florida as the Grapefruit League begins. Along with the warm temperatures rising, the Boston Red Sox have gotten off to a hot start this spring playing to a 7-2 record in their first nine games.

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