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Newest Movie Themed Slots

With a new slew of movies hitting this fall like David Gordon Green's Halloween, games based on them are right on their heels. Here are the top 9 newest games based on movies.

What are the Best Slot Games Based on Movies?

We can always expect huge blockbuster movies to be seen in more things than just the big screen but don't be surprised to see those favorite films on things like pinball machines, clothing, glassware and even casino slot machines. Here are three of the best ones.

Good Grief! Cashing in on the Afterlife

In Russell Crowe’s Gladiator, while Maximus fights Commodus to the death, due to a mortal wound, Maximus sees visions of a wall, and then a wooden door leading to lush green fields where his family awaits. That place was Elysium, the Roman version of heaven.

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