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Oracle influence on third antitrust suit could hurt Google

Oracle has been working behind the scenes getting antitrust suits moving on Google and it might hurt the tech giant. Fitbit merger with Google hits a snag.

How YouTube Quickly Changed After $170 Million FTC Fine

After being slapped with a $170 million fine, Google is having YouTube change the way it treats children online.

Facebook easily overcomes $5 billion FTC fine, but will more scrutiny hurt?

Facebook may have gotten a historic $5 billion settlement fine from the FTC, but that is just a blip on their fiscal radar. How will the settlement affect you?

Google getting probed by Department of Justice and Europe

Google is now under antitrust investigation by America's DOJ and Europe regulators over manipulated search results, ad monopoly and Android abuses.

Facebook, FTC investigation delay while Google abandons Huawei

A delay is holding up the FTC investigation into Facebook and Google is leaving Huawei up in the air with Donald Trump ban.

Qualcomm antitrust slap plus Amazon moves ahead with face recognition

Will Qualcomm's antitrust violations change the smartphone industry plus Amazon fights back against face recognition protests.

Best free video streaming still out there plus Amazon won’t forget your kid’s wishes

Free streaming video services do still exist, and here are the best ones out there while Amazon won't forget what your child tells Echo Dot.

Facebook ready to pay out $5 billion plus Trump’s Twitter meet

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook readies itself for a $5 billion FTC fine while Donald Trump met with Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

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