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Customers will win big in streaming wars plus HBO Max lands in May

The streaming wars will benefit customers will huge discounts and plenty of freebies. Plus HBO Max will hit in May 2020.

Facebook’s data weapons plus Netflix $100 million ‘Friends’

Once again, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has been caught red handed weaponizing users data without their knowledge while Netflix competes hard with $100 million for Friends and Lyft ready to go public in Uber war.

Khloe Kardashian Spills On Lamar Odom’s Cheating Ways & ‘Friends’ Sorta Reunion

On Wednesday, Khloe guested on Howard Stern’s radio talk show, where she revealed some pretty in-depth details about her former husband, Lamar Odom.

Top 10 Anti-Halloween Watchlist 2015

Halloween is finally knocking at the front door dressed is ghostly costumes asking for candy and other goodies. Most people love the tradition for all the fun it brings and for the feel that fall has officially started.

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