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Los Angeles Clippers woes continue with Jazz

Doc Rivers Furious Postgame as Los Angeles Clippers Playoff Woes Continue with Game One Loss to Jazz

Doc Rivers hating NBA back to back scheduling

Doc Rivers Wants the NBA to Address Back-to-Back Scheduling After Cavs Sit LeBron, Kyrie, & Kevin Love Vs Clippers

Doc Rivers Asking for NBA Coach’s Challenge After Refs Rob Clippers of Win over Thunder

The Coach’s Challenge system in the NFL isn’t perfect, but it’s crucial to the game. Let’s face it, the zebras are all human, so there are mistakes in every game. Sometimes (especially in the playoffs) those miscalls seem a little one-sided, but that’s a topic for another day.

Austin Rivers Brings New Energy For Los Angeles Clippers

Austin Rivers, son of Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, began his third NBA season with the New Orleans Pelicans; but much like his first two seasons, he didn’t make much of a name for himself with his play on the court.

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