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Donald Trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check

President Donald Trump is standing his ground with the immigration policy feeling it will keep mid-term elections in Republicans favor plus five fact checks on his immigration claims.

Read Devin Nune’s declassified memo released by Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has allowed the controversial Devin Nunes memo attacking the FBI and Justice Department to be released to the public and here is the full four page document to read.

Understanding the Devin Nunes memo and affect on Donald Trump

Just what is all the fuss about the Devin Nunes FBI memo that is awaiting Donald Trump's approval to make public and declassify. Here's the main points of why it's important and what you should know about it.

Devin Nunes ‘controversial’ memo waits on Trump, arresting ‘illegals’ at SOTU

Devin Nunes Republican made memo about the FBI and DOJ is awaiting Donald Trump's approval for the controversial documents to be made public and GOP member wants illegal immigrants arrested if they attend the State of the Union address.

Devin Nunes doesn’t think his recent actions are odd, refuses to step down

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was a name that most Americans had never heard of until last week. Then the very strange world of Donald Trump's Russian connections brought the Congressman into a spotlight he appears to be enjoying.

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